2017 LOVE RUN 2.0



The Love Run 2.0 had raised the total sum of RM50k in this year, with the participant 702 people.

The event was organized by Muken Foundation, and it had attracted 702 people to join the run this year. On 17th June morning, the runners all gathered at Kepong Garden and get themselves ready to run for charity.

The President of Muken Foundation, Me Ling Chen Lei extended his welcome speech to the runners, commented every one of them that attended has a mission on that day, which is to extend their helping hand to the needy in society, while at the same time to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Muken Foundation is a non profit organization which we are gathering the resources and assistance from public in order to help those in need. He mentioned over the years. The Muken Foundation had done distribution of food and groceries to the poverty family, schooling material to student who from low income family, given books to the local library, raised fund to the orphanage, funding salary to the teachers in rural area and etc.

Mr Ling explained that L.O.V.E referred to 4 types of people in society, L for Labourer, O for Ordinary people, V for very important person, and E for Educated person. However R.U.N means Rejuvenate, Unity and Network. When we participate in Love Run, we are rejuvenating our energy, unite the society by using different kind of network in order to create a society with love.

Rev. Dr Ezra Kok Hong Seng, President of Chinese Annual Conference, The Methodist Church in Malaysia mentioned in his speech that bible teaches us do not lose faith when doing good deeds. Jesus taught that when we offer a good hand to someone n need, that is actually do it on Him. Therefore, no doubt is our duty to offer caring and concern to people around us, and be more generous to bless those incapable in society. He is pleased to see how Muken Foundation had contribute in charity for the past years.

The services includes music class, dancing class, after school tuition, helping family in poverty in terms of financial or resources, provided funds to poverty student, organize blood donation campaign, distribute ang pow to orphanage and old folks home during festive season. He aware that the foundation is going to set up a food bank and 2nd hand shop in order to bless the poverty family. Being a Christian from Methodist he quoted a saying from John Wesley, “Variant do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the souls you can, in every places you can, at all the time you can, with all the zeal you can, as long as ever you can,”

Mr Yong Yan Jia, the representative to Dato Lee Chi Leong, Deputy minister of Finance also gave his credit to Muken Foundation, and encouraged the public to support the activities from foundation so that their services to the needy can extend to further and wider coverage. Besides, he also reminded that tax exemption can be applied to any fund raised by non profit bodies.

The charity run divided into 4 groups, which are male and female challenge group (10.5km), open groups and family group (3.5km). There are 163 participants in male group, 135 in female challenge group, 209 in open group, and 195 in family group.

The champion for male group is Darren Looi who scored 38 minutes 44 seconds, 2nd runner up – Billy Boey whose only different of 8 seconds, 3rd runner up Shurish Arumugam completed the run in 41 minutes 22 seconds. The champion for female group is Cheng Pei Yun who scored 52 minutes 28 seconds, Wong Ai Zhen who scored 57 minutes 30 seconds as 2nd runner up, then Ng Wai Yen that scored 1 hour 1 minute and 9 seconds as 3rd runner up.

Every participant will get a medal and goodies bag when they completed the run. The medal of this year is one of the letter of L.O.V.E puzzle. The completed wordings can collect from 2017 to 2020.

We have received sponsorship from 18 commercial partners in this year run, either in the form of goods or vouchers. There are Mcdonald, 99 Speedmart, Z Whey, BKC, Gardenia, Fitbar, Melilea, Moma Water, Salonpas, Lucozade Sport, Kinoshimitsu Superfood, myNews.com, Sunplay, Ellips, Kepong, V Free, Unique and Skymolite. Some of the sponsor partners came on the day to provide food and drink. Melilea provided complimentary health check, Vfree offered complimentary one copy of photo develop.

The event ended around 10am. Muken Foundation is looking forward to receive more support from public in coming year. Those who love running can follows our updates. Any interest from commercial or kind hearted individual who interest to sponsor, you may contact Mr CK Yong and Ms Olivia Kiu from foundation office, contact no 603 4142 5255/ 4131 3566.