vision 成立吉隆坡沐恩关怀基金会的宗旨

  • 为青年和成年人举办与福利、教育、发展、艺术、文化及健康有关的项目与活动。
  • 为青年和成年人举办各类能提升道德、纪律、运动、教育及福利的项目和活动。
  • 为基金会的会员举办各类讲座会、激励会及说明会,以照顾和维护会员的福利。
  • 透过各类募捐活动、申请津贴和来自各商业机构及非营利团体机构的赞助,及政府和私人界拨款,筹集资源,帮助贫穷家庭、清寒学生及弱势群体。
  • 与其他有共同目标和宗旨的团体成立联盟和合作伙伴。
  • 组织一群为基金会服务的自愿队。

love Objectives of Muk En Foundation Kuala Lumpur:

  • To organize activities related to welfare, education, development, art, culture and health.
  • To organize activities that bring awareness to improve moral issue, discipline, sports, education and social welfare.
  • To organize seminars and talks for foundation members’ concern, rights and benefits.
  • To organize fundraising events, apply grant, and to collect donation from corporates, non- profit organizations, government and private sectors for the needy group, such as poor families, students and disabled group.
  • Collaborate with other organizations and bodies that have the same goals and objectives in organizing events.
  • To set up a volunteering group and assist in the foundation activities.